Meet Lyte Herbals Your New Favorite Hemp Smoke

When I opened my shipment of Lyte, my first word was WOW.

…these small amazing.  The most notable thing about Lyte Hemp Pre-Rolls hit me before I laid eyes on it — this smells like heaven.  Lyte smells like deep earthy terpenes with a soft fragrant touch of lavender.  The scent isn’t overwhelming or too sweet.  I was concerned it would taste or smell like I was smoking a candle, nope.

Holy smokes, these boxes are dope.

As the buyer for Chelsea Jane my absolute favorite thing is trying hemp and CBD products from innovative product developers.  In the increasingly saturated hemp market, it’s getting difficult to find a truly unique product.  It’s even harder to find a unique product that matches aesthetics with quality.

Each case comes in its own counter-worthy display box in packs of 3 or 10 pre-rolls with a 20 pack on the way soon.

The packaging is discrete enough to look like a regular cigarette pack but cool enough that it’ll likely start a conversation.  The 10 pack is a really cool hex shape and the 3 pack is a pyramid shape.  All of the packaging is recyclable.

Meet Lyte Herbals

Lyte Pre-Rolls are one of the Best Tasting CBD cigarettes I’ve smoked.

Again, I was a little nervous that the lavender enhanced hemp might end up tasting like perfume but the taste is definitely hemp-forward with a light aromatic lavender finish.  The smoke smells clean and leaves no lingering “smoke smell” behind that I can tell.  The effects are almost instant, at 45mg to 50mg CBD per pre-roll Lyte is perfect for the occasional stress smoker (ahem, me) or someone trying to quit smoking (also me…well, vaping).  I noticed I felt calmer right away with a slight euphoric buzz.

Unlike other hemp cigarette-style pre-rolls we carry, Lyte has a filter.  The hemp high-flow filter is a really nice touch and creates a nice smoking experience.  It slows the flow of smoke enough not to harsh the throat but loose enough to pull like a joint pre-roll.  The entire roll is made of hemp; paper, filter and hemp flower filling (with an organic lavender twist).

A CBD cigarette you can share with your mom.

Well, if your mom is chill haha.  My mom called me a few weeks ago and asked me to bring her hemp cigarettes because she was smoking *too much* weed during quarantine.  My mom is immunocompromised and has been a bit cooped up since quarantine hit Michigan so who could blame her.  The minute I opened my first shipment from Lyte I text my ma who along with my other mom is now a Lyte evangelist.

Bonus: Lyte is a queer, female-founded business which my mom(s) also adored, the ingredients are organic and the COAs show a well rounded hemp strain with CBD, CBC & CBG which makes it a must-try in my book.

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