Plant People – Advanced Cold Control – All Year Defense


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For when something is coming on and you want to kick it, a practitioner-backed formula to activate immune response during seasonal changes or promote a healthy microbial environment year-round. * Each serving includes 1000mg of herbal ingredients. (60 capsules, 30 servings) What It’s Good For: HEALTHY IMMUNE RESPONSE* Inspired by Yin Chiao in the Qing Dynasty, this is one of the most valued of all classic Chinese Herbal formulas to strengthen immune defenses.* ANTIVIRAL AND ANTIBACTERIAL* Well-researched ingredients including Lonicera, Forsythia and Isatis have powerful compounds to support a healthy microbial environment.* ‘KICKING IT’ – BUILD NATURAL RESISTANCE* Used at the first sign of a compromised immune system or when exposed to what is likely a cold. Particularly effective for when it starts in the throat.* SEASONAL CHANGES* Used to balance the body systems in order to maintain strength and vitality during seasonal changes.*


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