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Platonic solids mini – clear quartz | master healer clear quartz. “The Clear Quartz crystal cleanses, activates and aligns all chakras for spiritual growth. It neutralizes negative vibrations, strengthens the aura with its power and attracts unconditional love. The Clear Quartz in the form of Platonic Solids works to create balance in life. They are a set of five geometrical shapes: Hexahedron(Cube), Tetrahedron(Pyramid), Octahedron (Diamond), Dodecahedron (10 sided shape), and Icosahedron (20 sided shape). Each of these shapes represents an Element of Nature and possesses its own energy that merges with the energy of Clear Quartz making the individual shape as well as the set, a great tool for meditation, spiritual, energy and reiki healing. They can be placed at homes or places of work to bring the 5 elements into the right balance. Can also be used in crystal grids to magnify intentions. Sold: Per Set of 5 pieces Origin: Brazil” Sold: Per Set of 5 pieces Origin: Brazil


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