Southside Plants – Houseplant Cleaning and Dusting Wipes


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REMOVE DUST AND WATER SPOTS – Extra large natural wipes are moist and convenient for wiping down the leaves of your plant cleaning out your plants pores and allowing better photosynthesis. Soft waffle-weave pattern lifts dust and dirt leaving leaves clean and shiny
NATURAL LEAF SHINE – Stop using mineral oil, mayonnaise, or chemical filled plant leaf cleaning treatments! Cleansing wipes use gentle moisture and 100% plant based fibers to remove residue, dirt, and grime build up.
GET THE MOST GROWTH OUT OF YOUR WINDOW – Removing dust off indoor houseplants can help plants photosynthesize and get the most energy out of lower light conditions.
A DUST FREE PLANT IS A HEALTHY PLANT – Practicing good plant maintenance and wiping down grime helps create a healthier habitat naturally.
PERFECT PLANT CLEANER FOR – Fiddle Leaf Figs, monstera, Sansevieria, hoya, and other tropical and hard leaved foliage. Not for use on fuzzy or spiny leaves.


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