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Considering micro dosing, macro dosing or just tripping your face off and throwing your phone in a river to avoid your Slack messages?

Here are things I learned this year pivoting from traditional treatments for MS to herbal. I’ve been a psychonaut since, well earlier than my mom would like to admit but somehow it still didn’t occur to me that the trips I took to explore consciousness could help me learn to deal with an autoimmune journey that has been humbling to say the least.  Take what you need and leave the rest:

🕯Take time alone to learn your body’s response to micros / macros. Focus on your breath. This may be difficult advice for some, so again…this worked for me and my brain/body. Do what works for you.

Checkout some apps that can help you adjust to the idea of breath training if this is new to you. If you’re a yogi, you’re golden. But even if you’ve never touched a mat in your life, you can find your breath. App like Calm, Simple Breathe Trainer or iBreathe work. Or YouTube or heck, Instagram has some amazing humans showing us all how to sit still.

🕯Get comfortable with feeling your anxiety or pain and shining a mental light on it. Breathe. It sucks. It hurts. Pay it attention. Think about your toes. Think as your toes. Ground down. Ride your own wave.

🕯Learn what belongs to you and what’s not yours to hold. Find what works and what doesn’t work for you and you alone. Because it’s your journey. It’s you.

🕯When you feel like you know where you end and your medicine begins then venture into the world and connect. Pay attention to how you react to people and situations. Sometimes a new awareness, empathy or trigger can show up. You’re prepared though because you practiced grounding down alone. Protect that sacred space, it belongs to you. Feel free to evict wayward energy, feel it too and ask it to leave.

🕯If you’re comfortable and able, practice affirming and anchoring conversations with someone you trust. This is helpful for those experiencing traumas where trust was broken and truth distorted. Tell a story and confirm your perspective. Your feelings are valid and real and they’re there to tell you something.

🕯Be prepared to learn that sometimes you’re the bad vibe. Give yourself grace and forgiveness for being a human and thank yourself for having the patience to learn and explore

🕯smile, move, share good music, flow

Safe travels.

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